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Set Model No. Consumer Holiday Voucher
Ducted Systems Indoor Model Outdoor Model kW
FDUA100AVNVF2 FDUA100VF FDCA100VN 10kW $100.00
FDUA125AVNXVF FDUA125VF FDCA125VNX 12.5kW $200.00
High Wall Split Systems Indoor Model Outdoor Model kW
DXK06ZM-Set DXK06ZM-S DXC06ZM-S 2.0kW $50.00
DXK09ZMA-Set DXK09ZMA-S DXC09ZMA-S 2.5kW $50.00
DXK12ZMA-Set DXK12ZMA-S DXC12ZMA-S 3.3kW $100.00
DXK18ZMA-Set DXK18ZMA-S DXC18ZMA-S 5kW $100.00
DXK21ZMA-Set DXK21ZMA-S DXC21ZMA-S 6.3kW $100.00
DXK24ZMA-Set DXK24ZMA-S DXC24ZMA-S 7.1kW $100.00
DXK28ZMA-Set DXK28ZMA-S DXC28ZMA-S 8kW $100.00
DXK32ZMA-Set DXK32ZMA-S DXC32ZMA-S 9.2kW $100.00
SRK10YL-Set SRK10YL-S SRC10YL-S 2.5kW $100.00
SRK13YL-Set SRK13YL-S SRC13YL-S 3.5kW $100.00
SRK18YL-Set SRK18YL-S SRC18YL-S 5kW $100.00
SRK24YMA-Set SRK24YMA-S SRC24YMA-S 7.1kW $100.00
SRK20ZMA-Set SRK20ZMA-S SRC20ZMA-S 2.0kW $50.00
SRK25ZMA-Set SRK25ZMA-S SRC25ZMA-S 2.5kW $50.00
SRK35ZMA-Set SRK35ZMA-S SRC35ZMA-S 3.3kW $100.00
SRK50ZMA-Set SRK50ZMA-S SRC50ZMA-S 5kW $100.00
SRK63ZMA-Set SRK63ZMA-S SRC63ZMA-S 6.3kW $100.00
SRK71ZMA-Set SRK71ZMA-S SRC71ZMA-S 7.1kW $100.00
SRK80ZMA-Set SRK80ZMA-S SRC80ZMA-S 8kW $100.00
SRK92ZMA-Set SRK92ZMA-S SRC92ZMA-S 9.2kw $100.00
SRK20ZMXA-Set SRK20ZXMA-S SRC20ZMXA-S 2.0kW $50.00
SRK20ZSA-W-Set SRK20ZSA-W SRC20ZSA-W 2.0kW $50.00
SRK25ZSA-W-Set SRK25ZSA-W SRC25ZSA-W 2.5kW $50.00
SRK35ZSA-W-Set SRK35ZSA-W SRC35ZSA-W 3.5kW $100.00
SRK50ZSA-W-Set SRK50ZSA-W SRC50ZSA-W 5.0kW $100.00
SRK71ZRA-W-Set SRK71ZRA-W SRC71ZRA-W 7.1kW $100.00
SRK80ZRA-W-Set SRK80ZRA-W SRC80ZRA-W 8.0kW $100.00
DXK06ZSA-W-Set DXK06ZSA-W DXC06ZSA-W 2.0kW $50.00
DXK09ZSA-W-Set DXK09ZSA-W DXC09ZSA-W 2.5kW $50.00
DXK12ZSA-W-Set DXK12ZSA-W DXC12ZSA-W 3.5kW $100.00
DXK18ZSA-W-Set DXK18ZSA-W DXC18ZSA-W 5.0kW $100.00
DXK24ZRA-W-Set DXK24ZRA-W DXC24ZRA-W 7.1kW $100.00
DXK28ZRA-W-Set DXK28ZRA-W DXC28ZRA-W 8.0kW $100.00

Escape the heat this summer with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Summer 2017/18 promotion! Now with the chance to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your cash bonus via our scratch and win component.

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How it works



Purchase a selected Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner model from a participating MHIAA stockist.



Keep your invoice, go online and enter your details to claim.



Once your cash bonus is verified & approved you’ll receive an email with a chance to increase your winnings.

Promotion runs from 1 November 2017 - 31 March 2018

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Important Application Information

For Valid Purchases: 1 November 2017 – 31 March 2018

This promotion is valid for approved Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner models purchased between 1 November 2017 and 31 March 2018 only.

Units purchased outside of these dates will not be considered for this promotion and no further correspondence will be entered into. All claims must be submitted by 30 April 2018.
Applicable Models

Valid Model must have been purchased (& paid for in full) between 1 November 2017 – 31 March 2018 only.

Valid Split System Air Conditioners will be processed as a SET UNIT that consists of INDOOR & OUTDOOR models. For validation, please supply SET model number, Indoor Unit number and Serial number. VIEW MODELS
Maximum Cash Back Claims

A maximum of three (3) eligible products may be claimed in one (1) purchase transaction.

A maximum of one (1) claim is eligible per household. Duplicate tax invoices will be rejected.

Note: Business applications will NOT be accepted. Invoices under a business name and/or with ABN will NOT be accepted.
Required Documentation

It is the responsibility of YOU (the Customer) to provide a legible copy of your PAID Invoice at the time of Application.

The invoice must have the valid Air-Conditioner Model purchased & paid for in full between 1 November 2017 and 31 March 2018.

Please do not send the original Invoice, as we are unable to return documentation to you.
Cash Bonus claims close 30 April 2018

Completed applications must be lodged by 30 April 2018.

It is the responsibility of YOU (the Customer) to ensure that ALL correct & required information is provided by this date.

If a claim has not been correctly submitted and/or is incomplete as of 23:59 AEDT on by 30 April 2018, then the claim will not be considered for processing, and no further correspondence will be entered into.

You’ll receive a Confirmation Email within 24 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
* Terms and conditions apply.
Please note: On the reverse side of the physical flyer we unintentionally printed the wrong dates. The correct promotion period is 1 November 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Have you claimed your cash bonus yet?


Cash Bonus

Take advantage of our generous cash bonus offer and get up to $400 back!

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Scratch & Win

Receive a chance to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your winnings via our online scratch & win component.

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Product Hub

Avanti Air Conditioner

The new Avanti range of air conditioners, engineered by award winning, Italian designers TENSA, feature a stylish & contoured design, allowing it to integrate beautifully & elegantly into any home interior. The Avanti range offers the best appearance and functionality, while maintaining a high quality Japanese engineering and technical standard that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is known for.

Bronte® Air Conditioner

Ideal for contemporary living, the new range of Bronte® residential air conditioners utilises jet air technology and innovative blade design to maximise airflow while remaining whisper quiet, making it the perfect addition to any large living space.

Wi-Fi Control

Controlling your air conditioner remotely has never been easier with the IntesisHome app. The easy to use app, available for both Android & iOS, allows you control your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unit from your smartphone via either Wi-Fi or the internet.

MHI SRK range 1.7kW Air-con

Sleek and compact, the SRK17ZMP-S is our highly efficient wall mounted split system that's perfect for a smaller second bedroom or home office.

MHI FDU Range 20.0KW ducted air-con

This compact yet powerful ducted unit boasts high airflow capacity while being easily integrated into smaller ceiling spacings.

Brochure Downloads

Download the Avanti brochure here

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Have you claimed your cash bonus yet?